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The trays are made out of the finest raw materials and individual sheets of wood. The entire collection of trays, except Viventium, is dishwasher safe. Viventium is to be dried off with a slightly damp cloth.


Wipe Trivets off with a slightly damp cloth. Not suitable for iron pots and pans since they lead heat.

Place mats

Wipe the placemats off with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid contact with water and never clean under running water since the lamination can not withstand moisture. Place mats come with back in grey felt.

Cutting boards

Viventium cutting boards are made out of Oak gluelam. Since wood is a living material the wood could due to humidity,-crack. Therefore its important with extra tender love and care. The cutting boards are not dishwasher safe and shall not be put into water. Clean it by hand and keep it standing when it dries. Oil your oak cutting board regularly with an oudourless and flavourless oil, i.e Paraffin oil, and the product will age gracefully with you.
The cutting boards in the rest of the collection is to be dried off with a damp cloth.